Details of the Football Association’s decision to dismiss Hossam El-Badri and the most prominent candidates to succeed him (video)


The Seventh Day TV broadcast urgent coverage of Nisreen Fouad’s presentation of Hossam Al-Badri’s decision and his rejection of the Football Association’s request to submit his resignation and leave the team, and then the decision of the Egyptian Football Association, in its emergency meeting today headed by Ahmed Mujahid, President of the Federation, thanking Hossam Al-Badri and the technical and administrative staff of the national team The first for the last period.

Hossam Al-Badri refused to submit his resignation at the request of Ahmed Mujahid, president of the Football Association, and confirmed that he did not fail in his mission and achieved success in all the tasks assigned to him to ascend to the African Cup of Nations and was topped by his group in the World Cup journey..

El-Badry said that he endured with his technical staff and players previous mistakes that harmed the Egyptian football, yet he achieved the goal and what was required of him without the team suffering any loss during his reign..

Vingada, Fyler, Cuper and Shawky Gharib are candidates to coach the national team after the dismissal of Al-Badri

The quartet, Nelo Vingada, coach of the Egyptian Football Association, Argentine Hector Cuper, Swiss Rene Weiler and Shawky Gharib are the closest to succeeding Hossam El-Badri, the former coach of the Egyptian national team..

And the Egyptian Football Association decided, in its emergency meeting today, headed by Ahmed Mujahid, president of the federation, to thank the technical and administrative staff of the first national team for the last period he spent in leading the team, wishing all its members success..

The Egyptian Football Association also decided to continue its session to announce the new technical and administrative staff during the next 48 hours.


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