Developments in the health condition of the artist Khaled Mahmoud after he underwent heart surgery.


The artist Khaled Mahmoud, during the past hours, underwent a heart surgery, after he was suddenly exposed to a blockage of 4 arteries, which caused him a health crisis. He was transferred to a hospital, and he underwent urgent surgery.

The artist Khaled Mahmoud reassured his fans and fans of his condition and said that he left the hospital and is currently at home in order to spend the recovery period until his health condition stabilizes, and revealed the cause of this health crisis.

He said that all doctors agreed that the cause of this crisis was frustration, and he said that this was not in a day and night, but as a result of accumulations due to the pressures of life, whether at the level of art or ordinary life, and added, before I was exposed to this health crisis, I cannot say that there is a certain thing that has It made me angry.

But as long as we live, life is full of difficulties and problems, and I am one of the people who do not want to export negative energy to those around them, and therefore I hide my sorrows and what annoys me inside, and the doctors advised me to change my lifestyle after my open-heart surgery.

And the most important thing is to stay away from those who anger or harass me, and I advise everyone to avoid my sources of negative energy anywhere, and he concluded his words by saying your love overwhelmed me and made me very happy, and your prayers by God’s command relieve me of any pain or pain.

The artist Khaled Mahmoud participated in a large number of series and films, including the series “Memoirs of a Husband” with Mahmoud Yassin and Ferdous Abdel Hamid, the series “The Fall in Beersheba” with Saeed Saleh and Esaad Younes, and the film “Nims Bond” with Hani Ramzy.

Khaled mahmoud
Khaled mahmoud
Khaled mahmoud
Khaled mahmoud


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