Disappearance ended in tragedy.. A property guard discovers the suicide of a woman in Bulaq El-Dad


08:36 PM

Friday 17 September 2021

Books – Muhammad Shaban:

As was his custom every morning, a high-rise concierge took a quick tour of the condominiums of the house where he worked; To find out the residents’ requests on the one hand, and to check on their safety on the other, but there is something new about the usual scenario.

The guard knocked on the door of the apartment of a divorced woman who lives alone, but without reply. He thought the occupant of the apartment had yet to wake up or finish some chores inside.

The guard returned the ball throughout the day without receiving an answer from the inside, so he informed the landlords’ union, who decided to break the door of their neighbor’s apartment to discover the great disaster. They found her dead body lying on the ground with antidepressant drugs next to her, so they alerted the police.

Major General Sameh Al-Hamaili, Director of the Western Sector, received a notification from Brigadier General Ahmed Al-Watidi that the body of a housewife was found inside her home, fully dressed.

Colonel Muhammad Amin, inspector of the West, directed a security force to quickly move to the location of the communication, led by Lieutenant-Colonel Amr Al-Batran, the division’s deputy, in coordination with the investigations of Bulaq Al-Dakrour.

The investigations of Lieutenant-Colonel Muhammad Tabliah, head of investigations in Boulaq al-Dakrour, concluded that a 31-year-old housewife, who is divorced and has no children, lives alone in the apartment, suffers from a psychological crisis and a state of depression, took her life by taking two sedative “hypnotic” tablets.

The research efforts of Major Ahmed Mandour and Captains Muhammad Sukkar and Ahmad Abd al-Karim, the detective assistants of Bulaq al-Dakrour, denied the existence of a criminal suspicion in the death, which was confirmed by the report of the health inspector.

Research and investigation efforts supervised by Major General Medhat Fares and his deputy, Major General Assem Abu al-Khair revealed the scenes of the 24 hours that preceded the woman’s suicide.

The 31-year-old’s suicide was not the first, but she tried to get rid of her life the day before, but her attempt was unsuccessful.

The woman, who suffers from both isolation and depression, published a post on her personal Facebook page in which she wrote, “I am tired and tired of the world,” to end her life tragically the next day.

The corpse was deposited in the morgue, and a report was drawn up on the incident, which was referred by Major General Ragab Abdel Aal, Director of Giza Security, to the Public Prosecution Office to authorize the burial.

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