“Do you write everything you want?”.. Al-Sanawi answers Amr Adib: As much as possible


Ahmed Alaa

Posted on: Tuesday, September 28, 2021 – 3:00 AM | Last update: Tuesday, September 28, 2021 – 3:00 AM

Journalist Abdullah Al-Sanawi answered a question asked by Amr Adib, “You write everything you want.”

Al-Sanawi responded during his meeting with the “Al-Hekaya” program on the “mbc Egypt” screen, on Monday evening: “I write as much as possible .. but what I write expresses my convictions.”

Al-Sanawi stressed the need to allow the opposition to appear before public opinion and to provide it with an opportunity for discussions about what is happening on the Egyptian scene.

He pointed out that the space for freedom of expression should be more available to expand the public sphere, and that the opposition involved in organizational work should express itself.

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