Does Musimani refuse to use an Egyptian assistant device after the departure of his assistants from Al-Ahly?


Al-Ahly club officials are awaiting the return of the South African coach, Pitso Mosimane, after the end of the vacation he took after the end of the league competition last season, to discuss the fate of the names nominated to join the technical staff after the departure of his compatriot Kevin Johnson, with him, Yosha Valdoya, a performance analyst.

All that remains in Musimani’s apparatus are Syed Al Hafeez, the football director, Sami Komsi, the coach, Musa Matlaba, the performance analyst, and Capello, the load planner.

The Al-Ahly Planning Committee is awaiting the return of Musimani in order to discuss with him the fate of the members of the technical staff assisting him, and the possibility of adding an Egyptian element to the position of general coach instead of the foreign coach, but he will acquiesce to his demands if he adheres to a coach from his country to help him in his new position.

The Al-Ahly administration wants to impose a new Egyptian element with Sayed Abdel Hafeez and Sami Komsan, to have a technical league, especially with the decline in the role of shirts with the technical staff, and to bring the views between the South African coach and the players faster.

The Al-Ahly Planning Committee nominates 5 names from the sons of the Red Castle to be in the position of public coach, such as Osama Orabi, Hani Ramzy, Alaa Mihoub, Reda Shehata and Imad Al-Nahhas, and the closest may be to use any of the first 3 names, especially with the desire of the latter to continue as technical director of my club. El Gouna and the Arab Contractors, but it depends on Mosimane’s approval.

But if Mosimane refuses to use a local general coach, it will be left to him to choose between hiring a new general coach from South Africa or being satisfied with the current group in the technical staff, and the same for the performance analyst, whether using an Egyptian or foreign performance analyst.


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