Egyptian actor Khaled Abdullah on The Crown to play Dodi Al-Fayed.. Photos


Egyptian actor Khaled Abdullah was seen on the set of the royal drama series The Crown For the first time after he contracted the role of Princess Dianas lover, Dodi Al-Fayed, according to the Daily Mail.

Egyptian actor Khaled Abdullah plays Dodi Fayed in the series The Crown
Egyptian actor Khaled Abdullah plays Dodi Fayed in the series The Crown

Dramatic: Khalid Abdalla has been seen on set for the first time after it was reported he'd landed the role of Princess Diana's boyfriend Dodi Fayed in The Crown

RIP: Dodi pictured above in New York, 1997, months before his death in the same car accident as the Princess

Dodi Al Fayed

Khaled, 39, arrived on set, along with his wife Cressida Trio and actress Erin Richards as they boarded a replica of the famous £170,000 superyacht in Marbella.

Sprawling: The British actor was spotted arriving to film scenes for the Netflix on the Titania, which will act asa replica of the mogul's famous £170,000 superyacht in Marbella

Khaled will appear opposite Elizabeth Debicki who plays Princess Diana in seasons 5 and 6. The Crown .

History: There were no official visits to Spain by the royals in the 1990s and it is thought that the crew could have been filming scenes from when Diana and her lover Dodi Fayed visited St. Tropez in 1997 together (pictured)
Jovial: Khalid was accompanied by multiple crew members as well as his wife Cressida Trew, and Welsh actress Erin Richards, whose role in the series is not yet known
Friendly: Erin and Khalid shared a sweet embrace after meeting on the yacht's deck

Big money: Also seen on the set was a classic Rolls Royce Corniche in scarlet red, ready for use in the scenes

Variety had revealed that Egyptian actor Khaled Abdullah had contracted to play the role of Dodi Al-Fayed in the new season of the series The Crown And who died in the famous car accident that killed him and Princess Diana, while the Palestinian actor and director Salim Daou plays the role of Dodi Fayed’s father.


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