El Gouna asks to borrow Hossam Ashraf from Zamalek after the failure of the Faisal deal


El Gouna club officials asked their counterparts in Zamalek to borrow Hossam Ashraf, the rising white team striker, for a season, after the coastal club’s attempts to include Hussein Faisal, who moved to the ranks of Smouha in a free transfer deal, failed.

A source in El-Gouna Club revealed that there are serious negotiations with Zamalek to borrow Hossam Ashraf, the rising player of Al-Abyad, and the owner of the signing crisis for one of the Cameroonian academies, for a season, with a condition that allows the club the eligibility to purchase.

For his part, Hossam Ashraf, the Zamalek player, revealed the scenes of his crisis, which led to a punishment for the White Castle by stopping the restriction and a material penalty of 200,000 euros after signing for an academy in Cameroon, explaining that he was a victim of a players agent, saying: “A players agent laughed at me. I asked him if I signed for the academy.” The Cameroonian woman will harm Zamalek, and his answer was no“.

He added, “My dream was to move to the largest clubs in Portugal, such as Porto, but the Portuguese offer was already made to Zamalek and with me the fax was the offer of the Portuguese club on loan with the intention of the final purchase for 400,000 euros and I assured the Egyptian agent that I would not leave until after the club’s approval, and I did not have any A desire to harm the club, and I wanted professionalism from the club’s gate“.

Ashraf continued, “The Cameroonian club, despite not having any contracts, but through WhatsApp chat, was able to resort to the International Court, even though I held contracts to be with me.“.

An official source in Zamalek Club revealed that, at the present time, the club is awaiting a decision from the International Sports Court regarding the appeal submitted by Mit Oqba Castle in the ruling to suspend the club for two periods of restriction against the background of the issue of signing Hossam Ashraf for the two clubs, namely Zamalek and one of the academies in Cameroon, which was announced by Hussein Labib, president of the club. In the past hours.

The same source clarified the validity of what was published by “The Seventh Day”, in the past hours regarding the club’s registration of its first list naturally, and the Football Association did not extract the players cards, but the concern within Zamalek is related to allowing or not registering the second list, which includes new deals, so the club seeks to obtain There is a ruling to cancel the suspension, especially in light of the settlement with the Cameroonian Academy in this case, but it has become necessary to obtain a ruling from the Sports Court regarding the cancellation of any ruling in that case, which will be before the end of the second registration period, so the club was keen to clarify its crisis and seek to solve it before the end of the period The second restriction, especially that the appeal in the case is limited to it by the Sports Court before the end of the second registration period, whether by lifting the suspension or confirming it, especially since the ruling at that time will be final, so the Egyptian Federation explained that so far there are no final rulings on the Zamalek club, especially that the case is in the appeal stage at the Sports Court .


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