Elon Musk: Tesla is working with global regulators to ensure data security


Speaking at the World New Energy Vehicle Conference in China on Friday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that electric car maker Tesla will work with global regulators to ensure data security.

“With the rapid growth of autonomous technologies, vehicle data security is raising more public concerns than ever before,” Musk said in a video speech, adding that data security is not the responsibility of just one company.

Cars are being fitted with an increasing array of sensors and cameras to assist drivers, but the data generated by this equipment can also be used by manufacturers to develop new technologies, such as autonomous driving systems, raising privacy and security concerns, particularly when information is sent abroad.

Automakers in China are required to store vehicle-generated data locally and need to get regulatory approval when they need to export critical data abroad.

Tesla, which makes cars in Shanghai, is under scrutiny in China for storing and processing customer data.


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