Emirates Airlines receives the last batch of “Airbus A380” this year


Emirates Airlines announced that it will receive three additional Airbus A380 aircraft within the current year, with the last of them joining the carrier’s fleet next November, so that the carrier has advanced the date of receiving the three planes, after the original date scheduled for receiving them was June 2022.

According to a press release issued by Emirates Airlines and published on its website, the three planes will be the last batch of Airbus A380s received by the airline, and all of them will be equipped with premium economy class seats, which are the characteristics of the airline and have won tremendous praise. In addition, the three aircraft will also include all the features that the Airbus A380 was famous for in the Emirates fleet, such as private suites and shower spa units in First Class, the popular inflight communication lounge and fully flat seats in Business Class.

With the joining of the three aircraft next November, the total number of Airbus A380s in the Emirates fleet will increase to 118, including 6 aircraft equipped with premium Economy Class seats in the four categories.

Sir Tim Clark, President of Emirates Airlines, said: “We have reached an agreement with Airbus to advance the delivery date for the remaining order of the Airbus A380 aircraft and have secured financing for that order. These aircraft will also add premium Economy Class seats that are in high demand to our inventory, as we prepare to launch this product fully in the coming months.”

Clark added: “Emirates will continue to maintain its position as the largest operator of this spacious and modern aircraft over the next two decades, and we are committed to ensuring that the Airbus A380 experience with Emirates remains a favorite among travelers, through continuous investments to improve our products and services.”



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