Emirates looks to hire 3,500 people as its operations recover


Emirates Airlines said today, Thursday, that it is looking to hire 3,000 flight attendants and another 500 people for jobs at Dubai Airport over the next six months as it continues to restore operations affected by the Corona pandemic.

Intervals Dubai government owned airlineLast year, which laid off thousands of employees, it is currently operating in 120 cities, representing 90% of its network of destinations before the outbreak of the virus.

The company will reach 70% of its pre-pandemic capacity by the end of the year.

The data of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), revealed that Emirates Airlines is the largest global carrier in terms of international passenger traffic, with 15.8 million passengers in 2020.

The data stated that “Emirates Airlines” transported about 1.2 million customers through its center in the months of last July and August, compared to 402 thousand customers in the same period last year, which confirms the safe and smooth resumption of international travel to and from Dubai.


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