Experts create an alternative to a helmet to protect athletes from concussion injuries


Experts have come up with an alternative design to the well-known helmet worn by soldiers and athletes to prevent concussion through an innovative design that they have worked on for years, and Dr. Julian Bayles, a former doctor from the University of North Carolina, explained that the experiment began 12 years ago to protect the brain during exercise, and that in cooperation With inventor Dr. David Smith, the innovation aims to provide the possibility of enhancing the protection of the brain from the inside rather than encasing the skull with more protection on the outside.

The intended collar
The collar designed to protect athletes

He said that through a simple, easy-to-wear design, a collar or neck collar called Q-Collar, which can be worn by anyone while practicing American football, hockey or rugby, according to what was published by the “Al Arabiya” website.

makers spent Q-Collar The past five years in pursuit of US Food and Drug Administration approval FDA During which extensive tests were conducted, and the tests included more than 20 laboratory and clinical studies conducted by specialized bodies such as Mayo Clinic, Harvard University, and North Shore Medical Group.

Another study was conducted, sponsored by the producing company Q30, on 284 high school football players in 2018, after a season of playing, the results revealed that 77 percent of the athletes who wore neck collars had no significant changes to the white matter in their brains.

the ring
the ring

Also, the neck collar is designed Q To prevent the suffocating effects, due to the exposure of the brain to impact or even simple and repeated shocks, which players are exposed to during the practice of some team sports, the repetition of which causes damage to the brain gradually or cumulatively.


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