Farouk Jaafar: Zamalek has reservations about the return of Nabih… and the penalty clause is an obstacle to the renewal of Ben Sharqi


Farouk Jaafar, the technical advisor to the Zamalek club, confirmed that there is a reservation from the current Zamalek administration headed by Hussein Labib on the return of Osama Nabih, the general coach of the club, after submitting his resignation to leave the team..

Jaafar said in statements to the “Koora Every Day” program, broadcast on Al-Hayat TV, that there are some conditions for Ashraf bin Sharqi to renew his contract, and the penalty clause is a major obstacle to renewal.

In the same context, the Zamalek club refused to agree to the condition of Ashraf bin Sharqi, the team’s top scorer, in order to renew his contract with the White Castle during the coming period. If the player wishes to set a penalty clause, it is impossible to agree to it.

Bin Sharqi wants to put a penalty clause in the form of double the provider of his contract, after which he has the right to leave if it is paid, even if it was after obtaining the advance by only 24 hours, which was rejected by Zamalek, and White Castle officials want to raise the value of the penalty clause, provided that it be activated after season from the beginning of the decade.

Hussein Labib said, in televised statements: “We are interested in Ashraf Bencharki renewing his contract with Zamalek, and we have already agreed with him on everything, but the difference lies in a point, which is his desire to set a penalty clause, which is that if we contract with him on Tuesday, he can leave on Tuesday. On Wednesday, after paying the double of his advance to the club, it is impossible for me to agree to this condition.”

Labib continued: “If I have a million people who love Zamalek, and each one pays 100 pounds, we will have 100 million pounds, we will renew Bencharki and implement all the public’s demands, and I say to those who attack us, we have a month and a half, let’s work quietly.”

He concluded: Some are attacking Farouk Jaafar and Hussein al-Sayed, and no one knows what they both offer to the Zamalek club, and Farouk Jaafar is one of the club’s symbols.. At the end of time, it is said that he belongs to another club, how does that mean..Hussain al-Sayed is a board member and works as an administrator, and you find someone there He criticizes his work and his occupation just for personal matters.


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