FilGoal | News | Al-Shahat reveals the reasons for the decline in the team’s performance and what happened after the Al-Qaim ball in front of Zamalek


Hussein El-Shahat, a player for Al-Ahly club and the Egyptian national team, stressed that the stress and lack of gatherings caused the level at which the Egyptian team appeared, pointing out that the players will give everything they have with the new technical staff to reach the World Cup.

Hussein Al-Shahat said in statements to Al-Hayat channel:I thank Captain Hossam El-Badri and his staff, and I wish them success in the future. All the players were tired against Angola, which was clear and we managed to win in the end. We were not successful against Gabon and our goal was to win, but that did not happen.”

He added, “The lack of gatherings and friendly matches is the reason for appearing in this way, with the absence of harmony and fatigue. The focus of all players was with their teams only, whether in the local or African championships.”

The Egyptian team defeated Angola 1-0 and drew with Gabon with a goal for each of them, to dismiss Hossam El-Badry and appoint Carlos Queiroz.

He continued, “We want to give our best in the upcoming matches with the new coaching staff to lead the group and then reach the World Cup.”

And about Musimani, he said: “He is one One of the best coaches in Africa, he knew most of the team’s players before his presence and began to implement his ideas quickly. From the first moment, he told us, “Our goal is to win the African Championship.”

He continued about the African final against Zamalek, “Our conversation before the match was that this is the most important match in the season, the final of the African Championship against Zamalek, your direct competitor in Egypt. The match after.

And he continued, “I prayed to God a lot after the shot that hit the post and after Zizou’s ball hit the post, I made sure that we won, which happened. It is a moment that will of course not be forgotten.”

And he was excluded from the bronze medal match in the last World Cup.”I was surprised by my exclusion from the third-place match, all the fans in the stadium underwent a Corona test before the match, I did not know that the fans in the stadium are outside the bubble and cannot shake hands with them, but in the end I accepted the decision, Kahraba and I.”


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