FilGoal | News | Chiellini: We need time to find balance… and the world is impatient


Giorgio Chiellini, the captain of Juventus, called on the fans to be patient after the poor start that the team suffered at home.

Juventus occupies 12th place in the Serie A standings after 5 rounds with 5 points.

“We have to keep the ship ready in a stormy sea, we’ll see if we can go out or stay in port,” Chiellini said on Sky Sport Italia.

“We need time to find the balance, when you are exposed to a major shock, whether environmental like an earthquake, it takes time to consolidate and start over,” he added.

“Unfortunately, in the world today, there is no patience,” he added.

“After extraordinary achievements, it would be great if you didn’t wake up, and unfortunately we did,” he concluded with a laugh.

Juventus won their first domestic victory with a difficult victory over Spezia last Wednesday with a 3-2 victory.

Juventus will host Sampdoria next Sunday in the framework of the sixth round of the Italian League.


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