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Amr Adham, a member of the Zamalek board of directors, said that the settlement of Hamdi Al-Naqaz’s contract did not contribute to the ruling in favor of his club in the Sports Court.

A member of the Zamalek administration also revealed the recent developments in the crisis of preventing the White Club from being registered because of Hossam Ashraf and his signing of a Cameroonian academy.

This is in addition to talking about the cases of Benjamin Achimpong and Christian Gross, the former player and coach of the team.

And everything that Amr Adham said in his interview on “Sada Al-Balad” channel came as follows:

Hossam Ashraf’s crisis

We received a letter banning Zamalek from being registered on June 23, and it was not in our interest to announce it to create a state of controversy for players and fans during the league competitions, and in light of our right to file a petition, we did so directly.

We took a good step by reconciling with the Cameroonian Academy, and we proved Zamalek’s goodwill by paying the middle of the fine, and we have another part that we will pay in October to contribute to lifting the penalty.

The Cameronian Academy asked for 4 million euros and we reached a settlement agreement that earned them 200,000 euros.

Hossam Ashraf is a distinguished player, but he is young, so his value will not be equal to that huge sum.

Thus, we resolved the financial dispute, but there is an error in the contracting procedures because there is a player who signed for two clubs and Zamalek is the second club, so the penalty is imposed on us.

The team coach, Patrice Carteron, informed us that Hossam had been excluded from the matches as soon as we received the sanction letter.

Because of the many crises, we have become prepared for successive shocks, and now we are trying to persuade the Sports Court to stop a decision that prevented us from restricting until the ruling, and we hope to lift the suspension before the end of the transfers on October 7.

Is Zamalek contract with new players?

I think it is possible, I must also say that from 2014 until 2021 Zamalek bought 80 players, how many of them stayed in the club or were a key element for us? There are some players we don’t remember being on the team.

Razak Cisse, Omar Al-Saeed and Mustafa Fathi returned to the team, and we lost Ferjani Sassi and Mustafa Mohamed.

Razak should have been with us and he was admired by Carteron, and the problem now is that the player is suffering from an injury and we want to make sure of his technical and physical readiness.

I think that Omar Al-Saeed will continue with us. He presented a distinguished second half of the season with El-Gouna, and I think he will present a good competition for Seif El-Din El-Jaziri.

Al-Jaziri’s position regarding his registration as a new player. We sent an inquiry to FIFA and explained that our contract with the player from the contractors was a loan with the intention of selling, and everything happened before we received the letter of ban from registration.

We hope that the player will be considered an old deal and not a new one to credit him, but so far we have not received a response.

Is Mustafa Mohamed back?

I feel that Mustafa does not want to return to Egypt, I do not know the reality now and I do not know if Galatasaray wants his departure, and if this happens, the Turkish club will ask for a large sum.

But I don’t think Mustafa wants to go back to Egypt.

Al-Naqaz crisis details

The player contacted us and told us that he had his reasons for leaving, such as dealing with him inappropriately, in addition to late dues and requests that were not fulfilled.

Carteron did not refuse to include the player and said if he returns, there is no problem for him, and Al-Naqaz said that he wants to return to Zamalek and participate with him in the African Champions League.

Carteron did not choose Al-Naqaz, but he did not refuse his return, to be precise.

We polled the opinion of an Egyptian lawyer and an Italian one who was responsible for the Al-Naqaz case in the Sports Court, and he said that there is a possibility that the sentence against Zamalek will be upheld or reduced.

We asked the lawyer how much she would be squeezed and he said it would be $800,000 or $900,000.

But the problem is that the Sports Court is the last level of litigation, and there is nothing after it, and if a fine is issued from it, it must be paid within 30 to 45 days, and if this does not happen, additional penalties will be imposed on us.

The public does not see the third dimension of the crisis. We have been suspended from registration, even if we take the risk of not reconciling with Al-Naqaz and contracting with him, and given that we do not have the money, if a fine is imposed on us, we will be punished with a deduction of points and relegation to the second degree.

The problem with CAS cases is that you don’t know when the judgment will be issued.

We settled the Al-Naqaz crisis in the first week of September, and two weeks later came the ruling of the Sports Court with the victory of Al-Zamalek.

The settlement with Al-Naqaz did not affect the decision of the Sports Court to rule in favor of Al-Naqaz.

What did we lose from contracting with Al-Naqaz? Before settling with him, we were subject to a fine, and if we did not pay it, the penalties would be severe.

After the settlement, I own a player. If I involve him, it is a technical gain based on the coach’s opinion.

Yes, the decision did not satisfy the masses, but sometimes not all decisions satisfy everyone.

Achimbong Crisis

We reduced the amount of money required to be paid, we were going to go with him to stop the registration crisis.

We reduced the amount required of us and made the repayment period up to 18 months.

In negotiations with the player we managed to reduce the amount.

Gross Crisis

Unfortunately, the referee arrived on September 10, the day of the Al-Ahly and Zamalek meeting in the African Handball Super Cup.

There was an agreement with Gross’ assistant to settle his financial dues, and the assistant’s lawyer is Gross’s own lawyer, so he felt that our promise to him during the negotiations would be fulfilled.

We will try to reach Gross to schedule the dues.

We asked for the merits of the ruling, and then we will start paying until we receive the merits.

Mamdouh Abbas

I know that Mamdouh Abbas, the former club president, rewarded the football and handball teams after winning different championships. I do not know if he donated money to the club or not.

Mamdouh Abbas is a Zamalek man who wanted to reward the team, so we have no problem.


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