FilGoal | News | Enppi decides not to dispense with any other player from the team


Enppi decided not to dispense with any player from the petroleum team during the remainder of the current summer transfers and before the start of the new season.

Mustafa Al-Amir, president of Enppi Club, stated that the club’s board of directors decided in its session this morning, not to dispense with any of its players for the benefit of other clubs, except for those whose departure the team’s technical staff agreed to.

He added, “This is in order to ensure the continuity of the team’s successful march during the past two seasons and to ensure its stability after the team suffered a lot during some of the past seasons.”

He continued, “As the team’s level has fallen due to the intense selling of players and neglecting them, and because the next season is expected to witness stronger competition between all clubs.”

And he concluded, “Some agents and mediators have recently been tempting players with large financial offers from other clubs, especially towards young emerging talents despite the extension of their contracts and renewal for them and without the slightest regard for the transfer rules, especially the technical need of the team for their efforts and without considering only the interest of one side only, and the club appeals to everyone of the necessity of Observe this.”


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