FilGoal | News | “Everyone in Tanzania is talking about it” .. An Egyptian coach raises the fitness of his players by running after them with a training stick


The Tanzanian Coastal Union page on the social networking site Facebook published pictures of the Egyptian coach Mido Melis, during a training session, while he was running with a stick behind his players.

Medio Mehlis told “aDuring the training session, I felt that there was laziness among the players, so I grabbed the training stick and started running after the players with the aim of joking to energize them and break the intensity of boredom.”

He added, “There must be such shots of joking in training because it is usually exhausting and hard training with all seriousness.”

He continued, “I was surprised by the spread of pictures so quickly. Everyone in Tanzania is talking about them. My phone from the early morning did not calm down from calls.”

“I have been coach of Coastal Union since August 30 with a two-season contract. The league in Tanzania starts on September 27. I have supported the team well and the administration is cooperating with me in building the team,” he added.

He concluded, “We played 3 friendly matches, and Simba club invited us to a match at its stadium, in which we drew, which is a good result for us, because Simba wins here against the clubs with great results.”


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