FilGoal | News | Ex-Brazil player: Joining Real Madrid was a bad choice, and Ronaldo did not catch my eye


Brazilian Rodrigo Fabri regretted joining Real Madrid in 1998.

The Brazilian playmaker started his career strongly in the local club Portuguesa, before moving to Real Madrid, who remained in its ranks for 5 years without playing any official match with him, and was satisfied with going out on loan to five different clubs.

“On a professional level, I must admit that moving to Real Madrid was a bad choice,” Fabri said on the Brazilian broadcaster Uol Esporte.

He explained, “I was at a distinguished level here in Brazil, and I received offers from other clubs such as Roma and Deportivo La Coruna, which were two big clubs at the time.”

He revealed: “The offers were similar financially, but I chose Real Madrid because of its giant position.”

Fabri also played for Flamengo, Santos, Valladolid, Sporting Lisbon, Gremio, Atletico Madrid, Atletico Mineiro and Sapaolo.

During his presence in Sporting in the 2000/2001 season, he met Cristiano Ronaldo for the first time, who was 15 years old.

“When I was at Sporting, we did some training against the youth team, and Ronaldo was with them, he was still very young and showed his quality, but frankly he did not impress me to the point that I think he might become the best player in the world,” Fabri said.

He added: “When you see Messi and Neymar, you realize that their quality is extraordinary. They do not need to be at the top of their physical fitness to perform well. But the situation is different with Ronaldo, he needed to develop physically, which he succeeded in achieving, and this makes him one of the best players in history. deservedly.”

He continued, “If we compare him with Ronaldinho, who was a magician and alien playing football, if Ronaldinho enjoyed Ronaldos professionalism, where would he end up? He would have achieved much more for sure.”

And he concluded: “I am the biggest lover of Ronaldinho, but the truth is, if he enjoyed Ronaldos commitment, he might have become the second best player in the world, because there is no one who compares to Pele.”

Fabri played 3 international matches at the beginning of his career with the Brazilian national team, and scored one goal with the samba dancers.


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