FilGoal | News | Former Liverpool player: Klopp and Milner almost clashed in 2017


Ragnar Klavan, the former Liverpool player, revealed a sharp fight that took place in the team’s dressing room in 2017, between coach Jurgen Klopp and player James Milner.

After a disappointing 2-2 draw against hosts Sunderland in January 2017, Liverpool’s dreams of competing for the Premier League title, which Chelsea eventually won, began to evaporate.

“The biggest pressure was at Christmas time, early January. I don’t remember what team we faced, maybe it was Sunderland at home,” the Estonian told Betsafe Eesti podcast.

He added, “It was Boxing Day in England, Klopp and Milner almost got fistfights, before the player retreated. We saw in Klopp’s eyes that he didn’t mind going as far in the fight to prove his point. It was the time he was most under pressure.”

He continued, “It was my first year in Liverpool, while the second was for Klopp. What are you going to do? You must be a good coach. You are Klopp who will make all the players stars. The pressure is starting to get to him.”

And he added, “It is not easy, if you do not achieve what is required against a team like Sunderland, then forget to achieve what you aspire to. Klopp never repeats the same words, always speaks from a different angle, or makes a joke during his speech.”

He concluded, “I feel for the players and the team very well. He would choose the right time for his words. If there were problems in the team, he would solve them with a joke and vice versa, if the players did not take it seriously, he would show them from the leader in the place. This is what distinguishes him, his ability to read The team is doing well, the people are too.”

Klavan played as a defender in Liverpool from 2016 to 2018, after his departure, Liverpool won the European Champions League, the European Super and the Club World Cup.

And he regained the league title in 2020 after an absence of 3 decades.

Klopp is spending his seventh season with Liverpool, leading the team in 323 games, winning 60% of them and losing 18%.

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