FilGoal | News | His agent for Fil Joule: Eastern Tobacco did not pay the date entry fees.. They have to show documents


Micho Samir, agent of Mohamed Balah, the Palestinian striker who recently joined Al-Masry Al-Portsaidi, denied that Al-Sharqiya Tobacco Club (Eastern Company) had paid any fees for the player’s entry to Egypt.

Earlier, Bassem Adel, a member of the board of directors of Al Sharqiya Tobacco (Eastern Company), expressed his indignation at the move of the Palestinian to Al-Masry, telling “We contacted Muhammad Balah, the Palestine player, and facilitated the procedures for his crossing to Egypt with the payment of the insurance policy, and we waited for his arrival. He was in the house of his compatriot Mahmoud Wadi, who in turn communicated with the administration of Al-Masry, who signed with Balah. To file a complaint with the Football Association against the player to obtain our right.”

But the player’s agent told “Balah received two offers from Egypt, namely the Eastern Company and Al-Masry, and on the basis of those offers, the player came to Cairo.”

He stressed, “The player guarantees the expenses of the transit trip, and the fees are estimated at about $1,000, which he paid to one of the tourism companies responsible for coordinating the transit. As soon as the player arrived in Cairo, he decided to start negotiating with the Egyptian club, and during the session he agreed to sign and the signing procedures with the officials of the Egyptian administration ended.”

He stressed, “The Eastern Company did not pay any financial fees for the player’s transit trip, and what was done was to send an official invitation to the player, as the Egyptian club did, and if the Eastern Company has any official documents for the payment of any financial fees, it must show it.”


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