FilGoal | News | In the Joule, he reveals Carteron’s position on supporting the Zamalek attack, “Al-Saeed’s continuation and alternative solutions”


The transfer market is still going on, and Zamalek may support his team with new deals, but what if the new deals do not include attackers?

Patrice Carteron set his priorities for the attack according to the current situation of the Zamalek list, trying to adapt to the current elements.

As far as I know Cartieron will rely on Seif Eddine Jaziri, the Tunisian striker for the team, mainly during the next season.

Carteron wants Omar Al-Saeed to continue, after he performed well with El Gouna, and has shown well in training since his return from loan.

On the other hand, Carteron does not mind the departure of Marwan Hamdi on loan from the team if suitable offers come to him.

The French coach believes that Youssef Ibrahim “Obama” can occupy the position of the striker in the event of a shortage in this position.

Zamalek currently has three outright strikers in its list. They are Omar Al-Saeed, Saif Al-Din Al-Jaziri, and Marwan Hamdi.

Zamalek also owns Youssef Ibrahim “Obama”, Ashraf Bencharki, and Omar Kamal Abdel Wahed, who can occupy the position of the striker, but it is not their main position.

Zamalek is preparing to face Aswan in the semi-finals of the Egypt Cup, with a date to be determined later.


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