FilGoal | News | Sfaxien to Fil Joule: We are surprised by the statements of the Eastern Tobacco coach. We have not received offers to include Firas Shawat.


Azi Ghrairi, the sporting director of Tunisian club Sfaxien, expressed his astonishment at the statements of Alaa Nouh, coach of the Eastern Tobacco team, regarding the inclusion of Firas Chouat.

Noah had announced in televised statements the inclusion of Tunisian striker Firas Chouat and negotiating with other players from Tunisia to strengthen the team’s ranks.

Al-Gharairi said to FilGoal.comWe have not received any offers from the Eastern Tobacco Club regarding Firas Shawat.

He stressed, “There are basically no official offers through the Eastern Tobacco Club.”

“I am surprised by the coach’s statements that there is an agreement between the two parties,” he added.

He concluded his statements, “There were no verbal talks, even about the inclusion of Firas Shawat.”

Firas Chouat is 25 years old and plays in the attacking position. He moved from Sfaxien to Saudi Abha on loan from last January to the end of the last season.

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