FilGoal | News | Smouha coach: Where is the video, despite the millions of the Football Association? And how can a player “out of the egg” ask for 12 million?


Smouha coach Ahmed Sami criticized the absence of video technology from the Egypt Cup matches after losing 3-1 to Pyramids on Friday in the eighth round of the tournament.

The score was 2-1, before the referee awarded a controversial penalty kick to Pyramids in the last minutes, which was successfully translated by Ramadan Sobhi, so that Smouhas dreams of reaching the quarter-finals evaporated.

Sami said on Ontime Sports 2 after the match: “The Football Association gets millions of clubs at the beginning of each season, which is very good, but I want a service in return, to provide justice. I am not talking about the referee, but the video technology. Why was it not present in The last round of the league and I am competing with Pyramids for third place?”

He added, “Where is the video in the Egypt Cup? Where are the profits of the league champion? What did the second, third and fourth earners in the tournament?”

Sami also criticized the high wages of players in the Egyptian League, noting “the highest contract in Smouha amounted to 2.5 million pounds.”

And he added, “Why do players get ridiculous amounts of money? What does the club earn to pay this money? You hear about a player who is still ignorant of the egg and wants 12 million pounds a year.”

Smouha contracted with Abdel Rahman Amer, Ahmed Eid, Elia Sela, Ammar Sharaf El-Din, Bahaa Magdy, Mustafa Khawaja, Hussein Faisal, Mohab Ashraf, Ahmed Ramadan, Mohamed Abdel-Aty, Fahd Jumaa, Rafik Kabo, Abdel Kabir Al-Wadi, Amir Adel and Dasfa in preparation for the new season.

While Hossam Hassan, Mahmoud Al-Badri and Ahmed Abdel Qader left him.

Smouha ranked fourth in last season’s standings of the Egyptian Premier League.


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