FilGoal | News | The former Liverpool player: The different Salah is improving more and more… Numbers will be higher this season


Former Liverpool player Luis Garcia praised Mohamed Salah, the current star of the team, for his performance with the Reds.

Salah, 29, is in his fifth season with Liverpool and scored his fourth goal across all competitions against Milan in the Champions League last Wednesday.

Luis Garcia told Sky Sports: “Salah becomes more important. He knows where he should be. I think we see a different Salah at the moment.”

“You don’t see him run 50 yards, dribble the players and hit the top of the net,” he explained.

The Spanish player continued, “Now he is moving around the penalty area and knows his strengths well, so his numbers are improving and becoming better and better.”

He continued, “Salam uses his strengths around the penalty area and the six-yard area. Every time you find the ball there, you know that he will be dangerous. I think his numbers will become better during the current season.”

Thermal map of Mohamed Salah’s movements during the current season and the previous two seasons

Salah scored 31 goals this season across all the tournaments he participated in with Liverpool, while his first season with the club remains the most prominent when he scored 44 goals.

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp announced that the club had started the procedures for renewing Salah’s contract, which expires after two seasons.

Salah’s goals with clubs across all seasons

On this matter, Luis Garcia said: “When you try to preserve your most important players and expand your culture with them, you know that you will have a strong team because we must not forget that this team won the Champions League and the English Premier League.”

He continued, “Most of the players are here with the team, and it is the same team that wins championships.”

A map showing where Salah passes the ball, dribbles and shots

Luis Garcia believes that Liverpool are able to compete for titles this season, provided that coach Jurgen Klopp does the rotation process.

He added, “The most important thing is to rotate between the players, Klopp knows very well how to do that and how to make them all focus on the matches.”

Luis Garcia concluded his speech, “The talent is in the team and again I say to all the players who won trophies in the last two years here, so the team can compete for all the championships.”


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