FilGoal | News | Turki Al-Sheikh: I hope you understand my desire to close the conversation in the past


Turki Al-Sheikh, head of the entertainment authority in Saudi Arabia, responded to what he described as “some of the statements that came out in which his name was mentioned.”

Al-Sheikh said on Facebook: “I have seen some of the statements that came out today, in which my name was mentioned, and I wanted to make it clear that all the money that was paid in sports investment in my second country, Egypt, was aimed at investing and loving Egypt and the good people of Egypt.”

And he added, “Please do not include my name in any topic. My sports investment page in beloved Egypt ended years ago, and there is no favor or favor from me. Rather, it was an investment and support from a lover of Egypt, its leadership and people.”

He concluded, “I liked to clarify this, and I hope that you will understand my desire to close the conversation in the past, which will not find anything, with all my love and appreciation, and I invite you to enjoy the Riyadh season, God willing, for you all the love.”

Hussein Labib, head of the Zamalek club’s managing committee, had stated that “Turki Al-Sheikh paid (good) sums to the club, during a period when they were living with this money, of course, and paid to bring in Gross and some players.” (see details)

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