FilGoal | News | With the participation of Al-Ahly duo.. Mozambique withstands Cote d’Ivoire and Zimbabwe draws with South Africa


Mozambique tied its guest Cote d’Ivoire 0-0 on Friday in the first round of the second phase of the African qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup.

At the Stade de Zembeto in Maputo, the Elephants were unable to get past the local team to snatch a point in Group D, which includes Cameroon and Malawi.

Louis Mikicion, the newly-signed from Tanzanias Simba to Al-Ahly, participated from the start with Mozambique and left the field to be substituted in the 64th minute.

Mozambique will visit Malawi on Tuesday, while Cote d’Ivoire will host Cameroon in a meeting expected on Monday.

As part of the Group G matches, Zimbabwe tied its guest South Africa without goals.

The local team withstood in Harare against the boys’ national team in a meeting moderated by Egyptian referee Mahmoud Al-Banna.

Percy Tau, the new signing from Brighton to Al-Ahly, started with South Africa and left the field in the 78th minute.

Each team got a point in the group that includes Ghana and Ethiopia.

On Monday, South Africa will host Ghana, while Ethiopia will play its guest, Zimbabwe, on Tuesday.

The champions of each of the ten groups will qualify for the final stage of the African qualifiers for the World Cup in Qatar.

In the final stage, 5 teams play against 5 back and forth, according to the result of the draw, and the five winning teams qualify for the World Cup.


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