FilGoal | News | Zamalek: Al-Naqaz included success for the club’s management.. We did not enter into negotiations with Pyramids regarding Al-Saeed


Mohamed El-Etrebi, vice-chairman of the committee in charge of managing Zamalek affairs, believes that the return of Tunisian right-back Hamdi El-Naqaz to the white team is a great success for the club’s management.

And Zamalek announced the return of Hamdi Al-Naqaz to the team’s ranks again. (see details)

Al-Etrebi said on Ontime Sports 1: “Reaching with Hamdi Al-Naqaz to settle the fine for Zamalek, which amounts to one million and 350 thousand dollars, while returning it to the team is a great success for the Zamalek management committee.”

“Hamza Mathlouthi is a distinguished player and to have a pair on the right side of Tunisia is great, and the coach is the one who will choose who will participate,” he added.

When asked about loaning Al-Naqaz or Mathlouthi, he replied, “The technical staff will decide that.”

On the negotiations with Abdullah Al-Saeed, he said: “Zamalek did not announce that he had entered into negotiations with Abdullah Al-Saeed, but the club president contacted Pyramids officials to ask them about the player’s desire if he wanted to join the White Castle.”

He stressed, “Pyramids has the full right to agree or refuse to sell Abdullah Al-Saeed, and we did not enter into negotiations with them to include him.”

He concluded his statements, “We have a distinguished list of players, with some youngsters, juniors and Zamalek, who will compete strongly for all championships next season.”

And the Pyramids club officially announced its refusal to sell Abdullah Al-Saeed to Zamalek and closed this door completely. (see details)


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