for 1000 pounds| A surprise from Al-Ahly Bank for investment lovers


The National Bank of Egypt, through its official website, announced the best ways for customers to invest their money, as there are a large number of people who need to invest instead of leaving money on the side.

When you save your money at home, its value will remain the same, it will not change, but with time the value of money and its purchasing value will decrease.

In its announcement, the National Bank specified the investment certificates that the bank provides and provides the highest return among the various banks, meaning that an individual can double his money and invest it in a secure place.

And the investment certificates of the National Bank with a high return are:

Platinum certificate with variable return

The minimum purchase value of this certificate is 1,000 EGP and its multiples.

It will continue to be used for 3 years.

Return rate: 8.5%, calculated quarterly.

Knowing that the type of return is variable, linked to the Bid Corridor deposit rate with an increase of (0.25%) to be applied from the next working day.

This came after changing the deposit rate applied at the Central Bank of Egypt to all existing and new clients.

Platinum Certificate

The minimum purchase amount is 1,000 pounds and its multiples.

The term of use is 3 years.

Interest rate: 11% per month.

Payout type: fixed for the duration of the certificate.

Five-month certificate

Minimum purchase: 1000 EGP and its multiples.

Duration: 5 years.

Interest rate: 10.25% per month.

Payout type: fixed for the duration of the certificate.

Papers required to purchase investment certificates in the National Bank of Egypt

The papers required to purchase investment certificates from the National Bank of Egypt are usually the same in all banks that grant investment certificates, and they are:

A copy of a valid national ID card.

– Up-to-date utility receipt.

– In the event that there is no proof of the job on the customer’s national ID card, an income proof certificate is required.

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