For prostate cancer patients.. a new “revolutionary treatment” and the duration is a surprise


The British newspaper, “The Times”, stated that the treatment represents an experiment through which the Royal Marsden Hospital seeks to verify that giving radiotherapy in two large doses is safe and effective, unlike what is currently in place, that is, small doses over long periods.

And British researchers had found earlier this month that the usual amount given to treat prostate cancer With radiation, 20 doses spread over an entire month, can be safely administered in only 5 doses over a week or two.

Men can come to the hospital and receive treatment, then go back to their normal work, and forget about cancer completely, said Alison Tree, who is responsible for the experiment and consultant oncologist.

About 50,000 Britons develop prostate cancer each year, making it the most common type of cancer among British men.

Reducing the number of sessions needed to treat cancer from 20 to just two sessions saves millions of pounds for the health authorities in Britain, and enables radiotherapy units to treat more patients.

Trey added that doctors have accumulated expertise and techniques, which makes them less likely to target healthy tissues while fighting cancer.

And the British doctor had said earlier that the new technique showed very promising results, with few side effects.

One of the options currently available to patients with this type of cancer is surgery to remove the prostate, but it leaves many men suffering from erectile dysfunction and diuresis.

The other treatment is radiation, which is based on blasting the prostate with “X” rays that can destroy cancer cells, but there are negative effects of this treatment.


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