free fire Steps to charge Free Fire gems for free with unused codes


Prepare free fire gems free One of the basics of the game without it, you will not get the required fun and excitement, these gems help you to reach perfect levels greatly, so many users and players of Free Fire games are looking for how to get gems from free games through our topic.

free fire gems free

Shipping Free Fire Jewels is one of the most important shipping methods easily and safely, we will explain the steps to you as follows:

  • You must visit the first website dedicated to free direct shipping
  • Choose the word Garena
  • Register a new account on the site.
  • The website will ask for a set of data that must be entered correctly, such as username, password, and the country in which the user is located.
  • After the entry is complete, click Register Now.
  • Your account is registered to your personal account in Free Fire through this website.
  • You will find more than one means of transportation that you can choose the best one.
  • The player code or ID is entered correctly in the space provided for it.
  • The player then chooses how many gems he wants to get, and then their cost is shown
  • You will receive a message on your phone number after the charging process is finished, then enter Free Fire to confirm.

Free fire gems shipping methods

There are several ways to ship Free Fire gems for free without paying any fees, especially for the multiplicity of free sites that provide free fire gems free and the most important

  • Download specific apps to save free google free fire gems game cards.
  • Watching certain videos, which give players a set of points and can be exchanged for gems in the game Fire Fire, but it is an illegal method that may cause problems with players’ accounts.
  • Applications to get free fire gems for free, but it was found that most of these programs are not authorized, and their purpose may be to steal users’ personal information and personal accounts in free flame games, so it is not safe.

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