“God suffices me, and He is the best agent.” Samir Sabry: The rumor of my death was a tragedy as


12:09 AM

Thursday 23 September 2021

Books – Muhammad Abul-Majd:

The artist, Samir Sabry, denied what was reported about the rumor of his death, saying: “I do not agree with anyone about the rumor of my death, but God suffices me and is the best agent for the concern that I am working on my family and my son in London,” adding: “The rumor of my death was a very big tragedy for my family.” .

And “Sabri” added, in a telephone interview to the “Happening in Egypt” program on the “MBC Egypt” satellite channel today, Wednesday: “The phones that came to me from every place in the world, I felt that I still existed and that people loved me, and I say, God suffices, and he is the best agent in the one who wrote this news. liar before checking it.

And he continued: “I want to tell the writer of the news urgent why,” explaining: “Whoever writes any news without verifying it is very defective, because what has befallen us and my family and my family is very much, and those around us cannot bear the news, especially since there are some of them traveling outside Egypt, In general, I felt that people love me, and people still remember Samir Sabri, who is forgotten, and as much as the monster is on the side of good, happy with him.

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