Gold prices today, Friday, September 24, 2021 in Egypt are rising again


Today, Friday, gold prices in Egypt rose by 5 pounds, after they fell yesterday by 10 pounds, due to the collapse in the global stock market.

Gold price in Egypt:

14 karat gold recorded about 515.33 pounds.

And 18 karat gold scored about 662.57 pounds.

And 21 karat gold scored about 773 pounds.

And 24 karat gold scored about 883.42 pounds.

While the gold pound recorded about 6234 pounds, and the pound weighs 8 grams of 21 karat, the most prevalent in the Egyptian market.

In addition to the price per gram, the cost of gold manufacturers is added, and it varies from one product to another.

Gold Specifications:

The diversity of gold on several karat was classified according to the percentage of gold in each kilo, the most expensive of which is 24 karat, as it has the highest percentage of gold in it of 99%.

Global gold prices:

Gold futures rose during the Asian session on Friday. According to the Comex classification of the New York Mercantile Exchange, gold futures contracts were traded in December on USD1750.90 per ounce, to rise by 0.06%.

You have already traded on a high session 1752.65 Dollars per ounce, gold may find support points on 1737.50 dollars and resistance on 1788.40 dollar.

While contracts for the dollar index, which measures the performance of the US currency against a basket of six other major currencies, rose by 0.10% to trade on it.93.127 dollar.


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