Google Creates New Gmail Image With New Illustrations


Google has created new images designed to be used in your Gmail profile picture, the new images are called Google Illustrations, and they can also be useful for people who want to associate an image with their account but don’t want to use an image of themselves.

Google seems to have a variety of options and you can see more in the GIF, which shows different categories of images such as animals, technology and space.

The new library of illustrations suggests that Google is taking a different approach to avatars like Snap’s Bitmoji or Microsoft’s Xbox Avatars, which can let you make simplified representations of what they look like.

Instead, Google’s new illustrations give you a variety of general objects and places to use in your avatar.

However the illustrations are only available for Android users according to Google, if you’re on Android, you can set one as your Google Workspace profile picture and Android contacts – follow the steps in this Google GIF if you want to.

Google says it’s bringing the new illustrations to iOS, the web, and more products, and will also expand the range of available illustrations.


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