Hala Shiha responds to her father with a picture wearing the hijab


Actress Hala Shiha published a picture through her account on “Instagram” with a veil, commenting: “There is nothing more beautiful than spiritual happiness and inner peace… Praise be to God,” in her first response after her father’s statements in which he said that his daughter Hala is not veiled now.


The plastic artist, Ahmed Shiha, commented on the decision to move his daughter away from the artistic community, declaring that she does not wear the hijab now..And he explained in statements to “Stars.” F.M”Hala now does not wear the hijab, and when she decided to take off the hijab, it was her decision alone, without anyone affecting her.

He added: “Solution, when she wore the hijab, she said it will come a day when your faith is full, you will know that this has nothing to do with God.


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