Hamdi Al-Naqaz appears in Zamalek’s training today for the first time after returning


Tunisian Hamdi El-Naqaz, the right-back of Zamalek, appears in the team’s training today for the first time since joining the white team, in his first appearance after returning to the team.

Zamalek officials agreed with Al-Naqaz to join Zamalek for a period of 3 seasons, provided that his fine against the club, amounting to one million and 300 thousand euros, will be paid in installments for the period of his stay in Zamalek, which continues according to the new contract for 3 seasons.

The technical staff of Zamalek, led by the French Patrice Carteron, decided to cancel the team’s training yesterday, Thursday, due to the session that was held from five thirty in the evening until seven of the same day, between the club’s management and the players, which witnessed listening to the players crises and demands, and after the end of the session, the technical staff informed Zamalek The players canceled the practice session, with the practice being held today, Friday, at five o’clock in the evening.

A source inside the Zamalek club revealed that the French coach Carteron, the coach of the Zamalek team, received his full dues, including bonuses and arrears, and he is the only one who received his salary until last August.

The source added that Hussein El-Sayed, the supervisor of the ball and a member of the committee in charge of managing the club, paid Carteron’s full dues before he traveled to the Emirates to spend his vacation after Zamalek’s crowning in the league last season. The foreigners got a large percentage of their dues, while the Egyptian assistants got a small percentage of the rewards.


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