Hamdi Al-Naqaz’s agent: The player’s waiver of his case against Zamalek contributed to raising the penalty


Hazem Fattouh, the Tunisian business agent, Hamdi Al-Naqaz, the new player of Zamalek, confirmed that the player’s waiver of the case he had previously filed against the White Club because of his dues led to the cancellation of the penalty imposed by the International Football Association “FIFA” on Zamalek club.

The player’s agent explained in statements to the official website of Zamalek Club that Al-Naqaz signed a waiver of the ruling he obtained against the club in the last period after signing the transfer contracts for the white team.

He stressed that Al-Naqaz’s waiver of the case contributed to the lifting of the penalty imposed on the White Castle, and stressed that the professional formula in which the release was formulated, contributed to the judgment appearing in this way that completely exonerates Zamalek Square, instead of being charged with a case that has been paid, and remains present in The history of the cases that were settled, but FIFA considered the case as if it had not been.

Fattouh added that the player knew that writing the clearance in this format would bear the expenses of the litigation procedures, but he signed the clearance out of love and appreciation for Zamalek and its fans.

And the management of the Zamalek club announced that the Sports Court “Cas” had accepted the first request in Zamalek’s appeal against the player Hamdi Al-Naqaz, which is estimated at one million and 300 thousand dollars, and rejected the counter-complaint that the club obtained one million and 900 thousand dollars in compensation from the player..

For his part, Nasr Azzam, Zamalek’s legal advisor for FIFA affairs, confirmed in a special statement to the official website that the Sports Court held a hearing on January 14, 2020, in which it listened to the defenses and requests of the Zamalek club..

He added that the settlement that was made with the player before the issuance of the ruling and his waiver of the full value of the fine, was a guarantor for the club that the player would not receive any amounts, in the event of a final ruling supporting or reducing the fine, which was already achieved by accepting the appeal of Zamalek in part against the decision FIFA issued in favor of the player.


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