Hanan Turk reports on a page that impersonates her identity: It is not my way, nor my style | news


Artists suffer from fake pages on social networking sites, which speak in their tongues in matters that have nothing to do with the artist.

The retired artist, Hanan Turk, received a question from a follower of her Twitter account, about the validity of what was published on one of the Facebook pages bearing her name, and she gave advice to the man about the necessity of spending on his wife if he wanted her to look better.

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Hanan denied leaving her relationship with the alleged page, and announced her intention to inform the authorities about those pages that impersonated her identity, and wrote in a tweet: “Very thank you for your comment. Indeed, this is a page that writes about my tongue, and unfortunately there are many pages like it, and it is being reported. This is not my way or my style.

It is noteworthy that the last period witnessed some artists taking measures against pages that bore their names on Facebook, where Yasmine Sabry succeeded in closing a fake documented page that bore her name, and launched her official page, and Menna Arafa announced her dismissal of her business manager after accusing her of seizing her official page.

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