“Harassment, beatings and insults” .. the Ministry of the Interior reveals the details of the video of the attack on F


11:09 am

Friday 17 September 2021

Books – Alaa Omran:

The security services of the Ministry of Interior succeeded in revealing the circumstances of the circulation of a video clip on the social networking site “Facebook” of a girl about being harassed and assaulted by a person in downtown Cairo.

By examination, the security services of the Cairo Security Directorate were able to identify the aforementioned girl (a student, residing at the First Nasr City Police Department in Cairo), who had scratches, abrasions and bruises. Street vendors, the driver of a car “whose data you don’t know” harassed her, and when reprimanding him, he got out of his car and assaulted her with insults and beatings, which resulted in the aforementioned injury.

By intensifying efforts and conducting investigations, it was possible to identify the defendant (student – resident in the Bulaq Police Department).

The necessary record was edited and the prosecution took over the investigation.

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