Hassan Saqr explains Laila Koura.. the fact that he is running in the Zamalek elections


Hassan Saqr, the former head of the National Sports Council, clarified the truth of what was reported during the past hours about his candidacy in the upcoming Zamalek club elections.

Saqr said in exclusive statements to Laila Koura, that he did not decide to run in the Zamalek club elections, denying rumors through the media about the matter.

Saqr said: “I learned of the news of my candidacy from the media and social media. I received calls from some members of the General Assembly who asked me to run, but I did not decide to run.”

Hassan Saqr affirmed his happiness with the confidence of the members of the General Assembly that nominated his name to run in the upcoming elections, stressing his hope to choose a group that can complete the club’s march and preserve its entity during the next stage.

He concluded: “I have contributed to serving the Egyptian sport and its sectors through public work for many years, but the next stage requires the presence of new elements and cadres.”


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