Hassan Shakoush justifies his position after the decision to stop him: This is my first mistake since I entered the field


Popular festivals singer Hassan Shakoush justified his position on the bands, in a live broadcast through his personal account on the Facebook site, and said, “I can’t make mistakes in the bands, ask any band that I can’t make mistakes in any of the bands, I came out with all the teams in Egypt “.

Shakoush added, “I tell people that I have never erred in any musician, nor have I ever erred in any drummer or any music seller, because they are our sisters and our beloved.

Shakoush continued: “I, Reda and the Reda Bahrawi band are sisters and lovers. I worked with the Reda band more than 10 times, and they are my sisters and I ask them, and I have never upset any of the bands, and they have all respect and appreciation. I am sorry for all the bands, drummers and instrumentalists.”

And he concluded his speech, commenting on the decision to stop him, “The Syndicate of Musical Professions is on our head from above, and any decision they take is on our head from above and I am satisfied with it and all the best and there is a delay in it, God willing.”

Yesterday, the Syndicate of Musical Professions held a meeting to investigate Hassan Shakoush and Reda El Bahrawy, following their dispute on the social media, which dealt with insulting and slandering each other and insinuations and phrases that degrade the value of its users that Egyptian art is not accustomed to. The audience and on stage, the matter that the Syndicate did not accept for the members of its general assembly, and the members of the Council and the artist Hani Shaker did not accept the percussion division, which was and still is the mainstay of Arabic music, and that the artist Hani Shaker appreciates and honors all members of the percussion division within all the music divisions. :

First: To withdraw the singing license from Hassan Shakoush permanently without a specified period

Second: Reda El Bahrawy’s endowment for a month is added to the previous month, to become two months, while bearing the wages of his band during the suspension period.

Third: It is forbidden to sing on a flash drive or any audio recorder, and singing or performing by a band of at least eight musicians.

This is the total of the decisions taken by the Syndicate Council. The artist, Hani Shaker, head of the Syndicate of Musical Professions, stressed his commitment to the principles of standing on stage, meeting the audience, and bearing the responsibility of word and deed.


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