Hassan Shehata after being excluded and choosing Queiroz to lead the national team: God’s destiny and what he wanted, he did


The journalist Karim Hassan Shehata confirmed that there were discussions with Captain Hassan Shehata to take over the national team in addition to Carlos Queiroz, explaining that he had information that “Shehata” would be in charge until yesterday, Tuesday, but he received a call confirming that an agreement was reached with “Queiroz”.

Shehata continued, during a telephone intervention to the program “From Egypt”, presented by the journalist Amr Khalil on the “CBC” channel, that he informed Hassan Shehata of choosing Kerosh, and he said to him, “God decreed and did what He wanted.” Because he is a great coach and value, noting that the three Egyptians with Queiroz are “respectable and distinguished people”, whether Essam El-Hadary, Mohamed Shawky or Dia El-Sayed.

He revealed that Queiroz will bring two assistants with him, one of whom will be a performance analyst, pointing out that everyone loves the team and encourages it, and there were other names from other clubs in the support team, but the matter has nothing to do with the affiliation of the fans and because “we are into fanaticism that has no need.”

Karim Hassan Shehata saw that the Football Association thought of bringing names that would be suitable to work with Queiroz, regardless of their club affiliation. Skip these small things because in the end everyone represents the Egyptian national team, noting that Queiroz is a big name and worked in the Arab region previously and with great teams, but the problem is that “the world is stingy” and the team has two matches with Libya next month, so there is a problem of adapting with the players and this matter will be on the shoulders of Auxiliary device.


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