Hassan Youssef: I regret these actions and I did not feel jealousy for my wife in her old films | news


The artist, Hassan Youssef, revealed his remorse for some of the works he submitted, explaining that he accepted them because of his financial need.

Hassan Youssef said that he regretted participating in 3 works due to the weakness of the script, including the movie “The Girls’ Revolution” with Nadia Lutfi, produced in 1964, and described these works as poor, according to his statements to Sky News Arabia.

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Hassan Youssef confirmed that at the present time he maintains his artistic history and does not accept any work offered to him, noting that he recently refused one of the works that was offered to him because of the wage, after he asked for 5 million pounds, but the company wanted to pay only 3 million, so the work went to another representative.

And about his wife, the artist Shams Al-Baroudi, he said that he was not jealous of some of the scenes she presented in her youth and old films, explaining that she did not do anything like her like any other artist, indicating that he liked to watch her work and discuss about it.

Hassan Youssef revealed that the retired artist, Shams Al-Baroudi, received an offer of 20 million pounds, to appear on a television program and talk about her artistic career and memories, but she refused.

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