“He was offered weakness.” Mohamed Mahmoud’s agent reveals his fate with Al-Ahly


10:57 AM

Sunday 19 September 2021

Books – Omar Qura:

Nader Shawky, agent of Al-Ahly midfielder Mohamed Mahmoud, confirmed the player’s continuation with the team, indicating that he is not studying the possibility of loaning him to another club during the current time.

Shawky said, in statements to the “Koora Every Day” program on the “Al-Hayat” channel, “Mohamed Mahmoud is continuing in Al-Ahly until further notice.”

He added, “When I talk to Al-Ahly officials, I say that Mohamed Mahmoud is in a different condition, he should not be loaned and he must restore the sensitivity of the matches. Everything must be done in a timely manner. We are talking about a great talent.”

He continued, “The contract stipulates that the player will continue in Al-Ahly until he stands on his feet and regains his fitness by 100% before talking about the possibility of him obtaining the opportunity to participate, whether with Al-Ahly or loaning him to another club in January or next year.”

He continued, “I hope that Mohamed Mahmoud will continue in Al-Ahly until his level is restored, and I see that he will be a strong addition to the team.”

And Mohamed Mahmoud’s agent concluded, saying: “The player attracted the interest of 16 clubs in the league, and was offered a salary that was twice what he receives in Al-Ahly, but he insists on standing on his feet before his fate is decided.”


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