Here are the best ways to charge PUBG mobile 2021


Pubg widgets are virtual currencies invented by the company that designed the game, with which players can buy various game items such as weapons, costumes for characters, barracks and other purposes that help achieve victories and progress in different game levels and compete with the strongest players around the world, and because of its great importance many people are looking for a way Shipping them in a safe and legal manner that does not expose their personal accounts to the risk of penetration or hacking, and through today’s article we present to you a detailed report on the most important methods used in shipping Buggy wedges.

Shipping the widgets of Buggy through the official website

Many people are wondering about the best way to ship PUBG widgets, and many of them are unaware that the official website of the game provides a set of different shipping packages that you can buy at a small cost and pay using credit cards or through PayPal through the following steps:

  • Open the game’s official website.
  • Log in with your personal account.
  • Determine the quantity of wrenches you wish to purchase.
  • Choose an electronic payment method.
  • Click on the buy button.
  • You will get the amount of tongs you want after the completion of the charging process.

You can also charge the wedges using Google Play balance and using iTunes cards that can be exchanged through the official website.

Information about the game PUBG

The Buggy game was released in 2017 and was able to achieve great fame in record time, as it became popular among many fans of action and Royal Battle games.

The game supports work on many operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation, as well as smartphone operating systems such as Android and iOS.

The game has many features that make it a favorite destination for many people, including high-quality graphics, great sound and visual effects, and freedom of movement that add more fun and excitement to the atmosphere.


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