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08:28 PM | Tuesday 28 September 2021

CAF decides the fate of Zamalek in the African Champions League: There is no crisis against Tusker

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The Confederation of African Football (CAF) has officially decided the fate of the club Zamalek From participating in the African Champions League, after asking clubs to pay the dues of former players and coaches or to be excluded from its tournaments according to its regulations, which stipulates the exclusion of any team that has a final ruling to pay dues to former players or coaches, which is what happened to Zamalek club, whether with the Cameroonian Academy, which belongs to the player Hossam. Ashraf or Achimpong.

Augustine Senghor, the second deputy of the Confederation of African Football, said in exclusive statements to “Al-Watan Sport”: “The Zamalek club must end its crises before facing Tusker, at least by a friendly agreement with the former players, but so far there is no final crisis regarding the Zamalek club as long as there are agreements.” With the players to finish the issues, there is no problem with his participation normally against Kenyan Tusker in the preliminary round of the African Champions League.”

K: FIFA’s penalty for Zamalek is to ban only registration

He added: “So far, a penalty Zamalek From the International Football Association FIFA to prevent him from registering players, it was due to the crisis of the Cameroon Academy only, and we learned that Zamalek is trying to end the matter with the other party and the officials of the International Federation.

Senghor stressed that the Confederation of African Football prevents clubs from participating in the African championships if they do not succeed in ending a case that was finally judged, but that did not happen a long time ago, especially since the clubs reach an amicable agreement with the former players on scheduling the dues, and this is a solution for CAF, pointing out The CAF officials are not forcing the clubs to pay the players’ dues in full.


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