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07:42 AM | Saturday 18 September 2021

Hussein Faisal, the new Smouha player, about his departure from Zamalek: Not a nice move

Hussein Faisal, the current player of Zamalek and Smouha

Hussein Faisal, the former player of Zamalek club, and the recent transfer to the Smouha team of Alexandria, revealed the scenes of his departure from the ranks of the white team, and his joining the club Smouha In a free transfer deal, explaining the secret of his choice of the Alexandrian club, the role of coach Ahmed Sami in that, and the reasons for his anger at the White Castle management.

And Faisal said, in a telephone interview with the “On Time Stadium” program, broadcast on the “On Time Sports” channel, with the media, Saif Zaher: “What happened with me is not a nice movement, the club notified me to terminate the contract by fax, but no one called me.” ».

The Smouha player added: «Zamalek He ended my contract suddenly, and gave up my services for free, so it is natural for me to be angry at my departure in this way, due to disagreements with Patrice Carteron and former general coach Osama Nabih.”

Hussein Faisal: I dream of professionalism in Europe through the Smouha gate.. Ahmed Sami is the secret of my transfer to the Alexandrian Club

He continued, “Currently, it is not in my thoughts to return to Zamalek, but I dream that Smouha club will be a gateway to my professionalism in Europe, if I shine in my first season with the club.”

Ahmed Sami, coach of Smouha

He continued: “I am seeking to prove myself with Smouha Club, and to provide a good performance that will help me join the ranks of the first Egyptian team, and I spoke with Ahmad Sami The coach of the team, and he is the one who convinced me to move to Smouha, despite the presence of offers from Ceramica Cleopatra and El Gouna, because it is a big club and always seeks to be among the teams presented in the Egyptian league table.”

Faraj Amer, president of Smouha club, had confirmed that his team had signed 11 free-of-charge deals, and that a new player would join the team’s training next Sunday.


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