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04:36 AM | Monday 20 September 2021

Ismail Youssef: I was nominated for Zamalek as a replacement for Sassi... and I was surprised by Hussein Labib

Ismail Youssef

Club star confirmed Zamalek The former, Ismail Youssef, that he was the first to nominate Mahmoud Shabana, the defender of the newly transferred team for Al-Abyad coming from Aswan, stressing that he also nominated a player from Wydad for the team, as a replacement for Ferjani Sassi, and he also expressed his surprise at the repeated appearance of Hussein Labib, president of Zamalek club through the means media recently.

وقال Ismail YoussefIn televised statements, on the “Audience of the Tala” program broadcast on “On Time Sports” channel: “Hussein Labib’s council made a great effort during the last period, and did what it was to the fullest, but the pressures that Hussein Labib was subjected to recently, is what prompted him. To depart from the framework of secrecy that the Zamalek club’s board of directors must possess, and he is talking excessively to the media, and is completely surprised by his statements through the media.”

Hussein Labib

Youssef: Surprised by the behavior of the Zamalek players

He added: “I am surprised by the behavior of the players of Zamalek Club, during the last period, by permanently commenting through their various accounts on social media, and the players should have been controlled by the management of Zamalek Club, and the absence of the role of the football supervisor has a reason for this, and undoubtedly the league championship that The team recently crowned it is the most difficult league championship ever that Zamalek has been crowned in nearly 20 years.”

Youssef continued: “It is not possible for all problems to come to the fore for the masses, and there must be limits to the game in speaking on social media, and the team needs a strong football manager.”

Youssef: I am against Osama Faisal’s departure from Zamalek

And he added: “Zamalek club needs 4 new deals, including a duo in the middle position, numbered 6, 8, in addition to an outspoken striker, and another player in the wing position.”

And he continued: “I was against Osama Faisal’s departure from Zamalek after he was recently loaned to the National Bank, and I want to reassure the fans of Zamalek club not to worry about the football team during the coming period, especially in light of the return of more than one loaned player to the team again, and they are at the height of their brilliance, led by Mustafa. Fathi, returning from Smouha.

Osama Faisal

Youssef revealed: “I was laying my eyes on the Moroccan Wydad player Ayman Al-Hassouni, and I watched him in 9 or 10 matches. With a friend of mine in Morocco, and I got information about him, and I contacted Hussein Labib and nominated him for this player, and there is one year left in his contract with Wydad, and negotiating with him financially will be suitable for Zamalek at this period and it will be the perfect alternative for Ferjani Sassi.

And he concluded: “I gave Hussein Labib the number of Saeed Nasiri, the president of Moroccan Wydad, the player’s agent, this talk two months ago, and it is not a condition that I be in a position of responsibility in order to support the team, and I was the first to nominate Mahmoud Shabana to Zamalek last October.”


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