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09:51 AM | Tuesday 28 September 2021

Schubert attacks the Football Association after appointing Shawky Gharib: Does anyone have another license?

Shawky Gharib, coach of the Olympic team

The media, Ahmed Schubert, believes that the Football Association’s decision to appoint Shawky Gharib As the technical director of the Olympic team, he raised questions, and left him with many question marks, after he was sacked at the beginning of last August, after he failed to reach a far point with the Pharaohs in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, to be eliminated from the quarter-finals at the hands of the Brazilian team, on the recommendation of the Nilo Vingada, Technical Director of Jabaliya.

Ahmed Schubert expresses his surprise at the decision to reappoint Shawky Gharib

Schubert confirmed during his morning program “With Schubert”, on Radio “On Sport”, that the decision of the Football Association to appoint Shawky Gharib is like a challenge to the fans, especially since the Pharaohs did not provide the desired level in the last matches, during the participation in the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

Ahmed Schubert attacks the Football Association because of Shawky Gharib

The former vice president of the Football Association attacked Jabalia after the decision, which sparked widespread controversy, saying: “I am very surprised by the decision to appoint Shawky Gharib as technical director. For the Olympic teamThere are many names that would take on this task, and this is not to diminish the importance and ability of Shawky Gharib, but the decision is controversial, as if there is no coach who has a training license other than him.”

The technical staff was formed under the leadership of Shawky Gharib

It is noteworthy that the technical staff of the Olympic team, led by Shawky Gharib, includes both Motamed Gamal, who took the position of general coach, along with Wael Riad, while Tariq Suleiman gets the task of training goalkeepers.

Kamal Abdel Wahed comes within the formation of the final technical staff of the Pharaohs, by assuming the task of the physical preparation of the national team, born in 2001, and this came within several decisions of the Football Association on the recommendation of Nilo Vengada, the technical director of Jabaliya, who also recommended the appointment of Mohamed Wahba, technical director of the national junior team. Born in 2006, while maintaining all members of the technical staff.


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