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03:19 PM | Monday 13 September 2021

Source: The Football Association lifts the ban on the registration of Zamalek players

Zamalek team

Responsible source revealed inside Football Association, that the ban on listing the first list in Zamalek club was lifted, after reaching an agreement with the officials of the White Castle to pay an amount of the debt amounting to 50 million pounds, and setting dates for paying the remaining amounts due.

The source added, in statements to “Al-Watan Sport”: “Zamalek players will participate in their team’s matches naturally, whether in the remaining matches of the Egypt Cup, or the Premier League championship for the new season, after the end of the crisis.”

Hussein Labib, president of the Zamalek club

And the source continued: “The committee in charge of managing the club Zamalek Headed by Hussein Labib, I understood the decision of the Players Affairs Committee of the Football Association, and it was agreed to pay the amounts due, and there is an account note that was referred to the Legal Affairs of Jabalia for study and response.”

Zamalek owes the Football Association 50 million pounds

And an official source within the Football Association revealed to “Al-Watan Sport”, yesterday, Sunday, about the details of the debt Zamalek The value of 50 million pounds, which is the percentage of television broadcasts for the last season, the fines of the Disciplinary Committee that fell on the team members during the season, and the financial penalties for the dismissed club president.

Details of Zamalek’s debt owed to the Football Association

The source added, that the indebtedness also includes the financial fines that fell on the technical managers who were absent from the press conferences and were not paid by the White Club, in addition to some of the remaining dues from the value of bringing foreign referees to the Whites matches last season.

The indebtedness owed to the Football Association also includes a fine imposed on Imam Ashour and 5 youths from Zamalek, amounting to 300,000 pounds, against the background of the crisis of the youth league summit, born in 99.


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