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09:39 AM | Wednesday 15 September 2021

They say.. The fate of

Thabo Celie

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Mahmoud Jensh reveals the reasons for his departure from Zamalek

Mahmoud Jensh, Zamalek goalkeeper, loaned to Future, announced the reasons for his departure this season from the ranks of the white knight, stressing that the decision to release him was on the recommendation of French coach Patrice Carteron, who refused his presence in the team after the recent crisis that erupted between them: My home club Zamalek, on loan for a season based on the decision of the technical management and the coach, and God knows that I did not spare an effort or a point of sweat in order to serve my home club Zamalek, I wish the team success in what is to come.”Details of the news here

Hamdi Al-Naqaz waives all complaints against Zamalek

Ben Mim, the lawyer of the Tunisian international Hamdi Al-Naqaz, the backer of Ayman Zamalek, revealed the scenes of the latter’s return to the White Castle, after his sudden departure, two years ago, indicating that he had completely waived the cases and complaints he had submitted to the International Federation in the recent period against the White Knight: “Al-Naqaz gave up his complaint against Zamalek in the National Football Association (FIFA) after contracting with Al-Abyad, especially that the player is happy to return to his club.” Details of the news here

Thabo Seely’s agent reveals the fact that he is close to Al-Ahly

Michael McCabe, agent of Thabo Seely, player of CD Cova da Piedade, resolved the controversy over the latter’s approach to moving to Al-Ahly, during the current summer transfer season, after entering the accounts of the South African Pitso Mosimane, emphasizing that the Red Genie administration did not move until that The moment is officially, in order to include him: “No official in Al-Ahly club spoke to me about Thabo Sili. Perhaps Pitso Mosimane saw the player with the South African Olympic team and expressed his admiration for his capabilities, but in fact there is nothing concrete in this matter.” Details of the news here

Ehab Jalal refuses to transfer Abdullah Al-Saeed to Zamalek

Ihab Jalal, the new coach of Pyramids, rejected the idea of ​​Abdullah Al-Saeed leaving the ranks of Al-Samawi in order to move to Zamalek, especially as he puts him among his accounts in the coming period, due to the coach’s desire to preserve the strength of the team, in preparation for the next season: «Abdullah Al-Saeed will not leave No one can leave Abdullah Al-Saeed, any coach who is happy that he trains a player of the value of Al-Saeed, while Mahmoud Wadi and Karim Al-Tayeb have offers from some Premier League clubs. Details of the news here

Hani Abu Rida sings about Al-Ahly at the launch of the tenth star

Hani Abu Rida, member of the Executive Office of the International and African Federations, praised the inauguration ceremony of the tenth star in the Al-Ahly shirt, after winning the African Champions League title for the tenth time in its history, noting that the red genie will remain a “bogeyman” feared by all his competitors at the level of Africa: Salute to Al-Ahly Club for its continental achievements. Al-Ahly is the bogeyman of Africa.” Details of the news here


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